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A BIG Thank You to EVERYONE involved in Intermodal Asia 2023

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It’s a wrap for Intermodal Asia 2023!


We would like to say THANK YOU to our visitors, and to the organizers – Informa Markets and China Container Industry Association. Meanwhile, much appreciated to our team representatives who have done great job during the three event days. It’s a pleasure to exhibit at this typical event for intermodal industries.


Throughout 2022 we are fortunately survived from supply chain disruption, shifting consumer demand and increasing shipping costs. Now we are evolving in a new era facing recovery, more opportunities and challenges, for sure have to take every change in consideration.


For this year’s Intermodal Asia, we are showcasing our DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Container, along with the equipped four-leg Lifting Sling Set.


Offshore Containers are mainly used on offshore oil platforms. They are much different with normal ISO container. Not only because strict safety requirements have to be met, but also because they are mainly transported by barge and lifted / unloaded by crane.


The Sling Set is a four-legged wire rope lifting sling fitted with a master link assembly and shackles. Each component of the lifting sling is specified to the capacity of the container. The sling is the most critical component to safety in transporting the container from the vessel to the offshore platform. The unique sling design allows for safety even during heavy weather conditions, often faced offshore while off-loading the containers.


Attendees come and have fully experience of our premium products and excellent services, thus impressed.

Meeting old friends and new friends, we have the chance to make dialogues with thought leaders from container giant companies, furthermore enabling us to explore the trends of intermodal industries.


As an engineered services and products provider for heavy lift and cargo securing applications, we are always trusted. Not only because of what we provide are conformed to our customers’ requirements, the most important reason is we insisting on safety priority.


Heading to 2024, we expect the global economy and the lifting, cargo securing and beyond industries to rebound. Thank you for choosing ANFENG Lifting & Rigging as your reliable sourcing partner. Look forward to meeting you at Intermodal Asia 2024 from May 22 to May 24.