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What is the difference between a spreader and a sling?

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      The spreader is a rigid pick-up device for lifting and lifting operations, such as hooks, lifting rings, lifting clamps, permanent magnet lifts, etc. The rated lifting capacity of the spreader usually refers to the maximum allowable weight of the spreader when it is vertically suspended. weight;

      A sling is a device that is flexible and fastened when hooking an object, such as a wire rope sling, a sling, a hemp rope, etc. Its maximum safe working load is used in addition to the vertical suspension. There is an angle between the sling lifting point and the article, so that the sling is subjected to force, and the maximum weight allowed in the specific hanging mode is the maximum safe working load of the sling.

      The sling is the connection between the crane or the object of the hanging object and the object to be hoisted, that is, the sling and the sling.